Close to horses since his childhood, Johan Jacobs first approached the discipline of driving as a groom, a function that he assumed from the beginning of the 90’s with many Dutch and foreign competitors. Gradually, he became interested in the construction of obstacles and decided to become a course designer. In 2004, he decided to make his passion his profession and founded his company “Course Design”. As an international 4* course designer for more than twenty years, Johan Jacobs is in charge of building the courses for the world’s biggest events, both outdoor and indoor. Whether it is for the marathon or the cones competition, Johan Jacobs makes it a point of honor to propose technical courses that are also aesthetic and respectful of the horses. Johan Jacobs, a renowned Dutch course designer, is in charge of designing and building the marathon during the Driving World Championship for singles at the Haras National du Pin from September 14 to 18. Meeting with an enthusiast. Meet with Johan Jacobs

The marathon at Haras du Pin
For this 2022 edition, the marathon, with a length of 15 kilometers, is dotted with eight obstacles, separated by about 750 meters. If some obstacles were already present during the previous editions, their implementation is completely different. As Johan Jacobs points out, the difficulty of the marathon can vary depending on the temperature and humidity, especially since the site is hilly and the course is mostly on grass, a ground that can become slippery in case of heavy rain . For this reason, the judges are empowered to modify the speed required on the course if necessary. On the other hand, in the heart of the obstacles, the ground, carefully prepared, can absorb large quantities of rainfall without risk to the safety of the horses.

Concerned about the evolution of the discipline, Johan Jacobs has been using his long experience to propose obstacles made of durable and recyclable materials, easy to assemble and disassemble, which are characterized by their mobility and lightness. Also a trainer for the FEI, Johan Jacobs regularly runs training courses for future course designers.