Normandy is home to an industry of excellence that is unique in the world. With 12,300 horse births per year, €1.3 billion in sales, 18,000 jobs and the development of Normandie Equine Vallée, an international campus dedicated to horse health, the Normandy equine industry is at the top of the breeding, economic and research podiums in horse health and performance.
Breeding, equestrian sports, horse racing, horse tourism… the Norman equine industry is rich in diversity.

To ensure that this remains a strength, the Normandy Region has been working since 2017 to place its policy within a partnership framework to create synergies between all stakeholders. The Normandy Horse Council is thus an essential driving force to instill a global dynamic and bring out innovative projects that meet the needs of professionals.

The Region directly supports companies in the sector to meet the challenges of the future: recruitment needs, reduction of work arduousness, digital innovation, anticipation of health risks, animal welfare, adaptation to climate change. Each year, the Region mobilizes € 6 million to meet these challenges. The Normandy Region is developing and implementing flagship projects that will enhance the attractiveness of the equine industry and Normandy. The Normandy Equine Vallée International Campus will soon host the entire training program of the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire of Maisons-Alfort. The haras national du Pin is in the process of becoming an international center dedicated to equestrian sports, as well as one of the leading destinations for nature and well-being in France.

The first part of the rehabilitation work on this unique and emblematic site of the Normandy equine industry has already been completed in June in order to welcome the summer competitions. In September, the Haras National du Pin will host a leg of the Grand National Eventing competition, followed by the World Driving Championships for singles. Competitors will be able to test the new arenas and enjoy an exceptional sporting setting. Work is progressing rapidly so that the site will be fully operational in the summer of 2023 to host the European Eventing Championships. The completion of the work will allow the Haras national du Pin to host competitions of the highest international level and to position itself as a training and preparation center for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The Haras National du Pin sports center has thus entered a new development dynamic, which will be amplified with the implementation of the other aspects of the major project: development of hotel accommodation, enhancement of heritage, hosting of new training courses and, of course, a stronger presence of horses.

Hervé Morin
President of the Normandy Region

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