The main event of this world championship will take place on Saturday, September 17, starting at 9 a.m. in the Parc du Hautbois, on a course designed by the Dutch course designer Johan Jacobs !
A true endurance event, the marathon is composed of two distinct phases.
– Phase A, 6,225m long, to be completed at an average speed of 13k/h, in a time of 28’44”, and a maximum time of 34’29”.
– Recovery phase lasting fifteen minutes in an area located at the foot of the castle, during which the drivers have the possibility to finish their warm-up on a training obstacle.
– Phase B, 7,910 m long, to be covered at an average speed of 14k/h, in an allowed time of 30’54” and a maximum allowed time of 33’54”. The course has eight obstacle zones with distances of between 170m and 220m, each of which is timed.
Safety first !
In order to discourage drivers from getting too close to the elements that make up these obstacles, and to protect the horses from the slightest scratch, at the top of each of them are positioned balls that must be avoided at all costs in order to avoid penalties. Among the obstacles, two water fences where the water level is limited to a few centimeters so as not to put the horses to unnecessary effort or slow them down excessively. “The ground will be excellent,” emphasizes Johan Jacobs, “it never becomes slippery even in case of heavy rainfall, because all the obstacle areas are drained.” To avoid slipping, the horses will be equipped with studs.