National technical adviser for the discipline of driving, Quentin Simonet, present on the site with the federal veterinarian, Virginie Coudry, is pleased that France is represented by eight teams on this world championship.


“Previously, the host nation had the advantage of being able to enter more drivers, but this has not been the case in recent years,” explains Quentin Simonet. “The same number of places is offered to all nations, but at the beginning we had more contenders than places available, we were prepared for five competitors, a situation which created a real challenge in competitions such as Kronenberg (Hol) or Chablis (FRA), which was very well positioned in the calendar. However, some nations did not use the number of places available, which is why we have eight competitors. Among them, some very experienced pairs, but also horses and drivers in the making, including Clément Deschamps who is participating in his first world event. We are satisfied with the selection process that preceded this event. »

France in a good position at the world level
” France, in this category of one-horse driving, is among the very good nations. We have an interesting pool of talent in quantity and quality. We were on the team podium at the last two world championships, and in 2016 we were 4th in individual and team. The objective of this championship is to place one team on the podium, another in the Top 10 and to win a team medal.” Concerning the marathon (which will be held on Saturday) Quentin Simonet anticipates a high level event, with some unevenness on the A phase, followed by the B phase, with eight obstacles positioned on platforms with excellent ground, but still slightly sloping, which puts the horses to the effort.